Four Month Update

My little flores and I have lived in Puerto Rico for a third of a year already 😱 So, how’s everything going?

In my previous post about some of my concerns before moving down here, I mentioned a few not-so-serious issues on my mind. One of those concerns was my fear of driving around and getting lost in a strange busy city. This has catapulted to become my biggest problem living here. I am not getting lost (thank God for gps!), but I never could have imagined the way people drive down here. I have adapted to this aggressiveness behind the wheel, but the lacking infrastructure (traffic lights still out; POTHOLES!) and disregard of traffic laws by drivers, I cannot get used too. I like to say that Puerto Ricans are really good at being bad drivers. Meaning, although stop signs are barely acknowledged and 6-direction intersections have broken traffic lights, there are surprisingly few car accidents (at least that I have noticed). As a police officer, Uriah has developed a new understanding of why a Puerto Rican in the states might drive the way that they do lol (seriously, it’s worse than what I’ve seen in New York, Miami, and LA 😆).

I was worried about my garden back home, but surprisingly it’s been very “out of sight out of mind.” Uriah did bring me a huge bag full of produce that was flourishing without any of his assistance (in October!) so that was a treat. But I probably won’t mind too much what’s going on in my yard–that is, until summer when I go home and find that it’s all a dying mess 🙄.

Our dance parties have sadly dwindled down to nothing. Our apartment was so loud next to the highway, we could barely hear on our tiny speaker and we don’t pay for (expensive) WiFi here so it’s hard to stream my usual Pandora, etc. anyway. We have actually moved into a different apartment (long story, and the reason this post is late) and it is much quieter, but now my phone service is horrendous! I moved to a damn dead zone and we’re currently considering changing providers 🤦🏽‍♀️.

The funny concerns about our hair have actually made an unexpected turn for the worst. Here I was living my regular mom-of-ethnic-children-who-have-never-been-to-group-school-before life and I forgot that *gasp* headlice were a thing. So when they showed up at home itchy on a Friday and I saw tiny creepy crawlies in my baby girls’ heads I was mortified! I had never known anyone to have had them before so I went google crazy and THANK GOD I actually got rid of everything over the weekend. I spent literally every minute in their hair, over and over, checking and rechecking, times a million. Now I check EVERY day and I tie up their hair for school. That was a (granted, short but terrible) nightmare that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Being paranoid of lice is my life now 😑.

Besides the bullshit, THE GIRLS ARE LEARNING SPANISH!! It’s adorable, they come home and they say little phrases and they’re more willing to practice and it’s so great to see that something is happening. They are also leaning to drum traditional bomba rhythms and little boriqua folk songs and it’s just so cute! They

will say greetings to strangers without fear and it’s just beautiful to see them grow in confidence. We still have a looong way to go, but it’s very exciting to see them start to slip into the language and culture of Puerto Rico!

Zemira in Lares, Puerto Rico

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