My Husband is the Shit: an Appreciation Post

Seriously, he’s the man.

A decade ago we had a whim to move to Puerto Rico. Today, I am here with my amazing children as they live and absorb their culture, just like Uriah had always dreamed. Without a college degree or a trust fund or any type of leg-up or hand-out, he has managed to work his ass off to be able to afford this traveling and organic lifestyle.

He never cared much about the environment or health food, but when I slowly implemented all these “hippie” things into our lives, he rocked with it. When I stopped cooking him fettuccine alfredo every other night (which was bomb, btw) because we needed to get our health in order, he didn’t throw a tantrum and order takeout. He ate the damn baked chicken and broccoli! When I said breastfeeding is best for our baby, he proclaimed “Free the nipple!” When I wanted to use cloth diapers, he learned how to prepare the homemade baby wipes. When I left my flourishing elderberry bushes before I could harvest them, he (very painstakingly) plucked, dried, bagged and transported those berries down to PR for me!

Just being a good daddy to baby E!

I too, have a list of things I do for him, and it’s this mutual selflessness we have for each other that is so beautiful and what gets us through our current long distance situation. He can’t stand being in Pennsylvania without us. We call/text/FaceTime every chance we get. He works so much that he is barely ever inside our home in PA–the way he wants it because “a house is not a home” and it hurts him to be there. He is looking for flights every day, trying to see if he can squeeze just a day or so in real quick to see us.

Even from 1600 miles away, the way he supports his family, emotionally and financially, is so tremendous. Ten years ago we wouldn’t have guessed he’d be capable of single-handedly sustaining two completely separate lives. Groceries and housing and vehicles in two different parts of the world, with children in a Montessori school who live at the beach and eat açaí. None of this is easy, it actually keeps getting harder at the moment. But he presses on and gets it done. One day we will reach the culmination of this current adventure and we will take another vacation in Colombia. And my hard-working husband will lay down on a boat while I serve him fruit and our girls chat in perfect Spanish with the skipper. And we’ll live happily ever after, because everything this man says he’s gonna do, he does it!

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