One Month Already!!

That sneaky Time again, can’t believe it’s been a whole month that my children and I have lived in Puerto Rico (two weeks of which were without my husband). Let me do a little recap!

We found an adorable apartment near the beach quickly, but learned that Island Time is a very serious condition to be reckoned with. Used cars, the roads and city drivers are absolutely treacherous. Weather forecasts are pretty futile; it rains one minute and the next you’re off to go picnic. The organic lifestyle is HARD down here, but Costco saves the day! Speak a little bit of Spanish (even deplorable Spanish like mine😬) and you will probably get way more help than you actually need (thanks, guy who drew us a map for 8 minutes while we repeated that our GPS knows how to get to the location😆). Chickens = boriqua squirrels. If you’re late, you’re on time. Use bug spray and drink Medalla. No matter your worries, the beautiful beaches can wash them away!

Uriah is coming back down in a week and we are excited to show him the places we’ve become familiar with and to explore new areas of the island together. The girls cannot wait to show their daddy how they’ve conquered swimming (including big ocean waves!) in two weeks flat. I’m anxiously awaiting some of the comforts of home he will have in his suitcase (and in his pants, if you know what I’m shayin’ *Cardi B voice* 😂).

The girls and I still haven’t picked up much Spanish. Unfortunately having my mother-in-law here to help me is a bit of a crutch right now (but I am trying!). And I previously thought there might be two or three kids in their school who know a little English…but they ALL speak perfect English so…..🙄 I will give language more time but at least we are getting more cultural exposure; my sweet babies could tell you a thing or two about the Taíno indians 👍🏽.

I’ve learned that I am definitely a country girl at heart; city life wants to stress me, but I’m keeping my cool. I have been working out (a little) and trying to take much needed Me Time. The amount of trash I see out in the streets, coupled with my ceasing to compost and higher plastic usage has me really upset and I want to find a way to make some change (maybe just start with picking up garbage on my walks; under-cabinet vermicomposting maybe?) Once I get my life together (time management 🤦🏽‍♀️) I also would still like to do some volunteer work. Oh, and I still really have no idea how to blog lol, so that’s a thing I need to figure out, smh!

Cheers to keeping us all alive and well (and not even sun-burnt!) for a whole lunar cycle! 🍻

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  1. Your cardi b reference brought literal tears to my eyes , I was not expecting that lol. I’m sure soon enough as you guys venture out more , you’ll catch on to speaking Spanish more . Happy 1 month !!

  2. You are too much lol. You might have to move to the center of the island to get the girls to be isolated to Spanish only 😀 Love your posts…give me more, woman! lol

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