4 of My Top Worries About Moving Out of the U.S. (they’re not what you think!)

As a mom to two young girls heading to the Caribbean, I have the concerns you might imagine–safety, finances, mental stress, sunburn!

But there are a few things that I keep going over in my head that freak me out.

I don’t want to leave my garden!

E inspects our massive elderberry bushes

I’ve always been a plant killer. But when I was pregnant with Zemira I started my first small square foot garden, and maybe it was some Fertility Goddess juju I was manifesting or just beginners luck but damn! That garden was so wonderful and productive, I had to expand!

Fast forward five years and I have about a dozen fruit trees, rows of berries, hazelnut bushes and dedicated veggie patches. Oh, and chickens 🙈! I’m no great farmer yet, but I have put so much work into this and when I look at my first tiny peaches on the branches I literally get butterflies of dread that I have to leave it under the care of my husband.

Driving every day.

I actually consider myself a good driver. Only ever got pulled over once and I was a teenager. I follow traffic laws and I abhor texting and driving. But my sense of direction could use some work. I live in the same town I was born in, never left. Yet before all phones had GPS on them, I once had to call my husband while he was out of town to ask him how to get to a store 10 minutes away from my house.

So now I have to go to a new place with Spanish road signs and damaged infrastructure. I laugh out loud to myself when I imagine driving around Puerto Rico, I’m gonna be sooo lost lol. Maybe the girls will only be a little late to school the first week or so 🤷🏽‍♀️

How will be have dance parties in an apartment!?

We love a dance party in our family! I’m waiting for our Echo to fall off the precarious kitchen side table from the shaking of our daily cardio. I forget how loud we are in our stand-alone home until we are in public and the kids are scream-talking and bust a move in grocery isles. Wtf are we gonna do when we can’t crank Tiësto’s “Split” to 10 on repeat for an hour? Maybe if I share homegrown peaches with them they’ll forgive us!

Three ladies and their hair.

Z after getting her braids taken down

I’ve never really known how to style hair. I lived in a bun most my life, then I chopped it all off and kinda let it do it’s own thing. Now I’m growing my hair out (why 😩) and I’m not sure what the island holds for my tresses. I’m currently bleached blonde, because I get extremely bored and since I’m not cutting it then I have to color it. But is that gonna be terrible in all that sun and humidity? Maybe I’ll have to chop it again!

Eurya also chopped her hair about two years ago and is growing it out. She HATES getting her hair combed. It’s so thick and she’s apparently very tender-headed and we have always had our biggest struggles with her hair. She begged to cut it for two years so I wouldn’t have to comb it so much, and we obliged when she was four. Best decision ever (even if in retrospect she looked kinda crazy a lot of the time lol)! But now it’s getting past her shoulders and the hair struggles have begun again *sigh*.

Z isn’t as tender-headed as her sister and her hair is much thinner so it’s a little easier to comb out. But she’s so wild, flipping around, rolling in dirt, wiping her grimy hands through her hair every day…we’re gonna add sand and salt water to this mess?! I truly don’t know how I’m gonna be able to handle all of our mops down there.

So there you have it.

Four silly things that are currently making me a little anxious. In truth, I don’t have a lot of worry going into this. My mother-in-law (who speaks Spanish) is coming with us for the first few weeks and I am so grateful for that! I feel like she will help with all the serious stuff–buying a car, getting a place–and anything else might be simply awkward but manageable.

Have you made a big move in the past? What were you worried about? I’d love to add anything I’ve missed to my growing “Worry List”! 😉

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